Full Name
Maryam Aftab
Job Title
Founder / Owner
Beaute et vogue box
Speaker Bio
Beaute et vogue box was the first beautybox without subscription. It started with Maryam's passion for beauty & sale. She wanted to combine those items. Each season there is a beautybox filled with 20+ full-size products (national and international brands, for example Revitalash, Unilever, P&G, L’Oreal brands etc.). Maryam loves to be transparant to the customers, so no surprises and no strings attached. They almost sell 1000 beauty boxes within 5-7 days after the launch, each time the box comes out. It is a new and modern marketing strategy for companies and the consumers can buy a box which is worth E300 for just E72,50. Each box is different and matched with the seasonal needs for your skin/body.
Maryam Aftab