Full Name
Pieter Schoen
Job Title
Shoe Investments
Speaker Bio
Entrepreneurship is in Pieter Schoen's genes. In 1722 an ancestor with the same name started the paint mill 'De Gekroonde Schoen'. Pieter knew from an early age that he was going to continue the tradition and become an entrepreneur. After a publishing house and job application game, he founded De Nederlandse Energiemaatschappij in 2005 with friend and business partner Harald Swinkels.

Schoen: “We saw an unexplored area there, filled with utility companies where no one had any knowledge of marketing and sales. That was a Valhalla for us. We became the enfant terrible in that market, Sjors and the Rebellenclub. But it worked. ” NLE grew into the fourth largest energy company in the Netherlands, with 750,000 connections in 2016.

In 2018 they sold the company to Nuts Groep, known under the brand name Budget Energie and subsidiary of investor Waterland. That gave Pieter Schoen the opportunity to do what he likes best: making companies great. Schoen: “I like it when I can help an entrepreneur with 'popcorn', to expand more quickly. I am now involved in the development of thirty companies through my personal investment company "Shoe Investments", which I think is great. "
Pieter Schoen