Full Name
Anoesjka Imambaks
Job Title
Executive Director
Venture Café Rotterdam
Speaker Bio
Anoesjka Imambaks is currently the Executive Director of Venture Café Rotterdam.
Venture Cafe is a non-profit organization and part of the Venture Cafe Global Institute and the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC).
Venture Café builds and supports the innovation community in order to accelerate innovation and to foster growth. By offering free and accessible programming we create a platform where entrepreneurs, students, corporates, investors and other innovators can meet each other by ‘serendipitous encounters’ and create impact. Every Thursday we host the largest innovation community gathering in The Netherlands (300+ visitors every week). Venture Café Rotterdam is a part of a global network of innovators. Venture Cafe is also located in Boston, Miami, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Providence, Warsaw (Polen), Bilbao (Spain), Tokyo (Japan) and Sydney (Australia).

Prior to Venture Café, Anoesjka worked as a policy advisor at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, on entrepreneurship, finance & innovation. She was at the forefront of creating a better innovation ecosystem in The Netherlands focused on education, startups, corporates & investors to create and to establish a more entrepreneurial (international) mindset and facilities to start and grow companies.
She is also an experienced entrepreneur herself, as she founded a social enterprise called Maid at Home, creating a luxury brand of professional housekeepers.
Anoesjka Imambaks