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Mesbah Sabur
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Circularise is a blockchain technology start-up offering an open source protocol and decentralized platform to bring transparency to global supply chains and empower businesses to move towards a circular economy. Circularise enables brands, suppliers and manufacturers to choose sustainable and circular materials and present information about products and their supply chains transparently without risking privacy.

It was founded by Mesbah Sabur and Jordi de Vos in the summer of 2016 at the Yes!Delft Incubator. After finishing a master degree in Industrial Design Engineering he partnered with Jordi. Together they’ve raised funding from the EIT Raw Materials, the largest consortium in the raw materials sector worldwide, and started Circularise. In order to kickstart the company Mesbah educated himself in JavaScript and React and developed the first app. At the moment, Mesbah leads the development of the Circularise solution in Plastics. He’s hand on the product, while working directly with our clients enables him to approach product development from a strategic point of view.
Mesbah Sabur