Why and how SPIE and BAM collaborate with AI startups + AI startup introductions by TekDelta & NL AIC
Date & Time
Thursday, September 24, 2020, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

AI is a fascinating technology with endless possibilities. For many corporates, AI can open up an entire new world of opportunities. Jacco Saaman and Kitting Lee, both responsible for Commerce & Innovation at respectively SPIE and BAM, will explain why and how their organizations are working with AI, and what role AI startups play in this. In a panel discussion, together with the founders of Braincreators and Sobolt, we’ll discuss the lessons and pitfalls they have experienced during their partnership and how to scale together.

Reason to join:

Are you a startup founder looking for corporate clients? Or are you a corporate innovator interested in the opportunities of AI, and interested in collaborating with tech startups? Then this panel discussion will be highly relevant for you. Multinationals SPIE and BAM will explain why and how their organizations are working with AI. Startups Braincreators and Sobolt will share their practical examples of how AI adds value to business partners and end-users. Together the panelists will dive intro their lessons and pitfalls on corporate-startup AI partnership. After the panel discussion, two more startups will give an introduction on how they make impact with AI.


Introduction by moderator 5 min
Introduction of panel members 8 min
Round table discussion 27 min
Startup pitches & questions 10 min

About organization:

TekDelta is a non-profit network, that organizes quality meetups between high quality, high tech startups/scale-ups and leading Dutch organizations.

More information about TekDelta, click here

The NL AIC is a public-private partnership committed to accelerating AI developments in the Netherlands and to connect AI initiatives in the Netherlands.

More information about NL AIC, click here

Japser Wognum Kitting Lee Jeroen van Zwieten Jacco Saaman Anita Lieverdink

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