Wheel of Funding by Symbid and GGP investments
Date & Time
Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

By spinning the Wheel of Funding in a fun and random way, the Show Masters Lex and Robbin will take you on a trip through the land of all things essential for getting financed for startups and scale-ups alike in Rotterdam.

You get the opportunity to ask all the questions you never dared to ask!

You will leave the room/zoom with information about funding your enterprise from Startup to Scale-up. You will learn about funding possibilities for startups, FFF (friends, family, Fools), financial planning, angels, pitch decks and a lot more!

Reason to join:

Hosted from Rotterdam based startup campus Startdock, with the 'Wheel of Funding' we present you a fun and interactive way to learn more about the essential subjects to think about once you decided to get out there and raise funding for your company! We want you to know what's out there so you are prepared, get to the right parties, know where you are dealing with and succeed!


- Intro Symbid, GGP investements (10 min)
- Spinning the wheel! (1,3 hours)
- general questions (20 minutes)


About organization:

Symbid facilitates equity/convertible deals for start and scale-ups from A to Z and helps you to connect the right investors on the right terms. GGP investments invests in young and ambitious start/scale ups as angels investor.

More information about Symbid and GGP, click here

Lex Geerdes Robbin Hoogstraten

They are coming to this session too!

Garrelt Alberts Garrelt
Orange Quantum Systems
CEO & Co-Founder
Mitchell Beacom Mitchell
Tu Delft
Masters Student / Founder
Ozsel Beleli Ozsel
Children At Play
Art Chin Art
Happy Energy Foundation
Joel Dori Joel
Startup Liaison
Lea Esterhuizen Lea
Founder and CEO
Don Fontijn Don
Awesome Foundation Amsterdam
Dean & Trustee
Sylvia Fullinck Sylvia
Real exclusive
Managing director
Richard Hardiman Richard
RanMarine Technology B.V.
Chief Executive Officer
Monika Lalwani Monika
ellen loots ellen
Erasmus University
Anna Mamedova Anna