Responsible data sharing for AI; perspective of experts, government and business by TekDelta and NL AIC
Date & Time
Thursday, September 24, 2020, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Good AI applications are of fundamental importance for challenges related to healthcare, energy transition, security and so on. However, it is complex for Dutch startups to obtain good datasets. Data resides in silos, organizations are unsure of GDPR-regulations, and fear fines and/or reputation damage. During this panel discussion we discuss what the government and the Dutch AI Coalition are doing about this and how large organizations and startups deal with legal, commercial and organizational frameworks.

In the Netherlands, data is often ‘locked’. Usually for valid legal or commercial reasons. However, the more relevant data is available, the better the predictive value and the usefulness of machine learning AI applications. So, sharing of data must be organized in a good and responsible manner, and much faster and better than we are used to now.


5 min Introduction
30 min Panel discussion
10 min Presentation by Kees van der Klauw (NLAIC)
5 min Closing

Reason to join:

Do you want to collaborate on AI? Then access to data is crucial. And in most casess difficult and time consuming. Our panel members will share their opinions on what you can already do today, what is possible tomorrow and what them aim for in the near future.

About organization:

TekDelta is a non-profit network, that organizes quality meetups between high quality, high tech startups/scale-ups and leading Dutch organizations.

More information about TekDelta, click here

The NL AIC is a public-private partnership committed to accelerating AI developments in the Netherlands and to connect AI initiatives in the Netherlands.

More information about NL AIC, click here


Jelle Verburg Frans van Ette Mauritz Kop Wim Kees Janssen Anita Lieverdink Kees van der Klauw

They are coming to this session too!

Aysegul Avci Aysegul
Raijsa Balasingham Raijsa
Daan Boersma Daan
Business Development Manager
Maaike Braat Maaike
Trainee / Long term grid planning
Lieke Conijn Lieke
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London
Startup Liaison
Joel Dori Joel
Startup Liaison
Karlijn Jacobs Karlijn
Chingiskhan Kazakhstan Chingiskhan
Anita Lieverdink Anita
Senior Orchestrator of Innovation / Program Manager
Anna Mamedova Anna
Leendert Meijers Leendert
City of Rotterdam
Projectmanager Economic Development