StartupRoulette (applications closed)
Date & Time
Friday, September 25, 2020, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Reason to join:

StartupRoulette is a monthly online speeddating event by Golden Egg Check for selected startups and relevant venture capital investors. Each startup will have 3 meaningful speeddates (20 minutes) with investors, and vice versa. This edition is specifically for impact startups that participate in Upstream.

To join StartupRoulette, a selection procedure applies and is embedded in the registration form of Upstream. After registering, StartupRoulette will reach out to you. The Deadline to register for StartupRoulette is 18 September 2020, 17:00.


What will you gain?
Impact startups will increase their network of relevant investors and speed-up their fundraising process now or later. Investors will get relevant dealflow in a very efficient and highly curated way.


About organization:

Startups are everywhere these days. Golden Egg Check separates the wheat from the chaff. We work with and for startups, investors and corporates. Think of us as external analysts that can think like investors. We assess startups on potential and feasibility, and provide strategic insights with this. By our structured assessment approach, we collect valuable (benchmark) data about startups, their predictability and success.

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They are coming to this session too!

Frank Appeldoorn Frank
Arches Capital
Managing Partner
Pedro Boot Pedro
CEO and Cofounder
Antonio Cappiello Antonio
Lea Esterhuizen Lea
Founder and CEO
Gio Guerrero, PMP, P.Eng (LION) Gio
Giotech Group
Bob Hendrikx Bob
Loop (Living Coffin)
Manon Hijmans Manon
Chingiskhan Kazakhstan Chingiskhan
David McAdam David
Founder & CEO
Khalid Mehmood Khalid
Thomas Mensink Thomas
Golden Egg Check
Startup Analyst
Ugur Nural Ugur
Expansion Manager