Upstream Investor House with PHX
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 12:00 PM - 2:30 PM

PHX is opening the (virtual) doors of the Investor House to all founders joining the Upstream Festival. 

In this session, we’ll host brilliant minds in tech from the international PHX community and create a space for conversation around venture. Hosting a series of conversations with leading investors, which will be open for everyone to tune in.

Reason to join:
We connect people before organizations and our principles ensure that our community will interact at a deeper level than job-titles and shop-talk. Together, we will create an open space for meaningful conversation.


What will you gain?

This year has taken some unexpected turns, and we're discovering novel ways to connect the dots. 
Running into someone new is harder than ever, and we're all missing the opportunities for serendipity and genuine connection.

During the Investor House, PHX will bring their global investor community to engage in open conversation and support passionate founders in venture.


This session will take place between 12:00 to 14:30 on Wednesday, September 23rd. 


We’ll have 13 venture funds streaming in from Paris, London, Berlin, Estonia, with investments in companies like Skype, SuperCell, Messagebird, Framer & more.


Our program for the session -

12:00 - Opening by PHX & Fireside Chat with:

    • Marili Merendi (Karma VC)
    • Sasha Astafyeva (Atomico)
    • Francois Paulus (Breega)
    • Nina Jetter (Project A Ventures)

12:50 - Fireside Chat with:

    • Bao-Y van Cong (Target Global)
    • Stephanie Opdam (Notion VC)
    • Robert Verwaayen (Keen Venture Partners)
    • Manfred Krikke (HPE Growth Capital)
    • Daniel Keipper-Knorr (Speedinvest)

13:35 - Fireside Chat with:

    • Lise Rechsteiner (Previously Propagator Ventures)
    • Ragnar Jongen (DN Capital)
    • Herman Kienhuis (Newion)
    • Marc Gendebien (Expon Capital)

14:15 - Closing words, followed by a private Q&A with a select group of founders


About organization:

PHX is a community-driven, experiential approach that aims to connect the unconnected as an original movement in the global ecosystem. We call ourselves serious optimists.

Truly imaginative and innovative thinking requires the intersection of disciplines and perspectives. PHX curates for this diversity; we are on a mission to gather scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, policy makers, athletes, humanitarians, philanthropists, journalists, and investors to align, and to build enduring relationships to create a net positive outcome for society.

PHX creates this space and opportunity for conversation, as we expand our frames of reference, inquire and grow.

For more information about PHX, click here.

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Panel Discussion
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Startup, Scale-up, Policymaker