We welcome you as a partner of the Upstream Festival 2020! #upstreamfestival




Dear partner of Upstream, we are happy to have you on board!


This onboarding information is here to ensure we make the best out of our joint effort.


Upstream and the Upstream Festival need to gain as much traction as possible to connect the change makers of the next economy: we need your help reaching out to the attendees. You as a partner, together with our co-creators make Upstream a succes!


In this document you will find several media exposure opportunities for you to use to promote your sessions at Upstream. In turn, we ask you to provide us with your content (text, video, visuals) explaining Upstream attendees about the value you can give to them and the other way around.


Please see our partner contract to find out what content we need from you. We call Upstream - as a year round platform- an event. We call all the presentations, video streams and other meetings (like workshops) sessions.





    1. Event platform

    2. Booth

    3. Streaming service and Q&A add-on

    4. Profile enhancement


    1. Social media

    2. Mailings

  3. COVID-19


  5. BOOTH


  • Event platform

Upstream uses the Swoogo event platform to attract, engage and register all attendees. After signing up, attendees can select the desired sessions and fill out their details. All communications are triggered from the platform. After finalizing the registration, attendees are provided with a personalized event hub to edit and manage their sessions (after login)


  • Booth

We provide you - as a partner - with a booth: a company or city/region page you can use to promote your company, services, products and sessions. As attendees are registering to your sessions, they - and you - are able to schedule 1:1 online meetings.


  • Streaming service and Q&A add-on

You can stream your session through our platform; we already added placeholder URLs so people can register to your event. We can add Glisser to your stream so attendees can ask real time questions.


  • Profile enhancement

We are probably adding Ingo - a Linkedin signup button - so we are getting rich profiles in and have the Linkedin network work for us spreading the Upstream love!


You can register and login to the demo environment used below at: https://proservices.swoogo.com/techconsummer/





We have created a campaign set-up (link) and media planning overview (link), showing you what we will communicate the following weeks. The planning will be updated weekly. During the week we will have an adjusted and more intensified planning. If you want to contribute (even more) to our sessions, please contact Linda.


  • Social media

Upstream, as a networking event, depends heavily on social media to be successful. We have created a Linkedin page and an instagram account. The hashtag we use for the event is #upstreamfestival. Upstream will publish posts about its different events regarding:

  • Keynote speaker highlights

  • Session Highlights

  • Partner Highlights

  • Venue Highlights


Besides these event specific posts we will also post general festival posts. Posts will always be in english.


The value of a post will increase if you tell your audience what value you give them (networking, knowledge, funding, cooperation, etc) and what they can do for you.


You as a partner have a big social network as well. So please send out your sessions and Upstream engagement to your existing audience and other stakeholders. You can refer to the festival using #upstreamfestival and direct your audience to the homepage https://www.upstreamfestival.com/ or register page https://www.upstreamfestival.com/upstream/begin. The event is free to attend, besides some invite only sessions.


Hashtags to be used are:

#upstreamfestival #startups #scaleups #changemakers #frontrunners #thenexteconomy #rotterdam #thehague #delft #schiedam





  • Mailings

As a partner, we will mention you in our newsletters. We can send your story to 100+ co-creators and 200+ c-level decision makers in the target audience. This brings your message straight to your fellow change makers, giving you the opportunity to network, grow and expand. We also have access to other related opt-in mailing lists we can use, for instance all former Rotterdam Capital Days attendees.




  1. Content to fill your booth - see screenshot below or check the demo (registration required)

  2. Content to fill our newsletter - can be an abstract from your booth content

  3. Content to fill our social media posts - your story about the value Upstream generates for you and your clients and something about your session.




Upstream Festival and its partners and co-creation partners are committed to the health and safety of all visitors, participants, organizers and other stakeholders of the festival. This is why Upstream 2020 has been transformed into an almost completely online festival. A limited amount of smaller and carefully curated sessions may partly take place offline. These sessions are organized according to the Dutch Government and RIVM guidelines. Any developments around the Coronavirus and the guidelines are closely monitored and adequate measures (adjustments or cancellation) will be taken if the circumstances so require.


Please see our Covid-19 protocol for full details. In order to prevent any mistakes about safety we emphasize that Upstream is an online event. Offline events will be curated and invite only, in respect to the Dutch RIVM Covid-19 measures.











A sponsor overview page will be created, like the demo displayed below:






Upstream provides you with a booth, your own venue where you can present yourself, promote your products and services and tell your audience of what value you can be for them, and they for you. You can use text, video and visuals. Basically all common content can be used:




Attendees can find your booth in different ways, for example through the personalized event hub:








When people have signed up for your session, you can invite them for 1:1 online meetings: