KPN Sustainability Challenge (selection procedure applies)
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Reason to join:

KPN is looking for new innovative partners with whom we can work on a more sustainable world. Do you have a solution to provide quantitative insights about our business impact, a unique way to re-use or recycle waste, or other solutions to help us becoming the first circular telecom operator of the Netherlands? Join the KPN’s Sustainability Network Challenge, pitch your solution, and let’s disrupt the telecom market together.

On the 23rd of September 2020, we invite startups and scaleups to (digitally) pitch their products or services to our sustainability department. For 5 minutes, you’ll have the time to explain what your solution is, what experience you have, and where you see a potential collaboration with KPN. After that, our sustainability jury will have 5 minutes of time for questions and remarks. The Challenge will be closed by announcing the winner. We may also continue the dialogue with other participants besides the winner to discuss a potential collaboration.


The Challenge

We are on our way to become a circular company through our entire supply chain. This challenge focusses on generating a more sustainable network togehter with external companies. To achieve this, we are looking for startups and scaleups who can contribute to together achieve:

- For procurement, tooling that provide insights in the climate footprint of products. E.g. using product-portfolios or product passports

- Software that can compare product-portfolios and advice on the most sustainable choice for a tender

- Software that provides quantitative insights in the climate impact per business unit or department

- Companies that can support our return- and waste process (for e.g. mobile radio equipment, street cabinets, mobile networks etc.) and that can provide insights in the footprint of waste

- Solutions to connect and manage the data about the inflow and outflow of products. This to generate insights about the entire lifecycle of materials.



- 14:30 – Check in

- 14:35 – Introduction KPN Sustainability challenge

- 14:50 – Introduction jury

- 15:00 – Start Startup pitches (5 min. pitch & 5 min. questions)*

- 16:30 – Voting

- 16:45 – Announcement of the winner

- 17:00 – Q&A and closing of the Event


What will you gain?

  • Potentially disrupt the telecom market;
  • Collaborate with KPN;
  • Sustainable solutions from ideas to reality.


Selection Procedure

For KPNs Sustainability Challenge, a selection process applies:

  • Application deadline: 31 August at 23:59
  • Eight startups/scale-ups will be selected
  • The selection will be made on September 9th, parties will know if they're selected that same week
  • Apply here or by sending your pitch deck and short description to


About organization:

As a well-known Dutch telecom operator, we don’t only see it as our duty to provide connectivity, but also to do this in a sustainable way. We’re proud to say that we are again the most sustainable provider of Europe, but we are always seeking into new ways to limit the environmental footprint of our business. That’s why we invite you to help us with this challenge.

More information about KPN, click here

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Virtual Session Link
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Startup, Scale-up
The impact of Augmented Reality (AR) technologies on business processes by KPN Innovation Playground and InSpark
Date & Time
Thursday, September 24, 2020, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Dick Lorier

InSpark and KPN Innovation Playground are organising a webinar about the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technologies in the business market.

Dick Lorier, digital innovation lead at InSpark, speaks about the use of AR technology to accelerate and improve business processes. InSpark has knowledge of and experience with implementations of digital innovations (f.e. AR) in organisations. During this webinar, Dick Lorier elaborates on all aspects on how to successfully implement AR in different business processes. The following questions will be discussed:

What is AR and what is the difference with VR? What is the HoloLens 2?
How can you use AR to collaborate remotely?
What are the most common AR scenarios?
How do clients work with AR en what are their business cases?
What are new opportunities of AR with IoT and the launch of 5G?
What are limitations of AR?
How can I start with AR technology? What do you need and how do you start?
Q&A: Which cases do you see?
Let’s find out together!


15:00 Welcome & Introduction Dick Lorier, digital innovation lead at InSpark
15:10 The impact of AR technology
15:20 AR scenarios with clients including use cases
15:35 5G, IoT and new possibilities
15:40 How do you start?
15:45 Q&A


Reason to join

Curious about Augmented Reality (AR) and its difference with virtual reality and mixed reality? Ever heard about the Microsoft Hololens 2? Are you interested in the possibilities with AR technology and the new exciting opportunities of AR with Internet of Things (IoT) and the launch of 5G? And are you excited to hear how you can implement AR technology in your business? If so, then join our webinar the 24th of September at 15:00 pm!


About organisation

KPN Innovation Playground
Every organisation is directly or indirectly engaged with technology. To keep up in this digitalisation era organisations innovation is key to success.
KPN Innovation playground is an open innovation lab that provides developers access to the newest technologies of KPN and its clients. It is the technology hub where developers can discover, develop and test innovations. Think about IoT, AI, AR, API’s, Cyber Security en 5G as examples of technologies that are accessible at the KPN innovation playground.

More information about KPN Innovation Playground, click here.

InSpark is the #1 Microsoft Partner in the field of Cloud and Security.
InSpark innovates to accelerate organisations with their digital transformation. The demand of full service support by digital transformations is growing fast. That is exactly the operating field of InSpark. With creative ideas and impactful innovations InSpark brings organisations closer to their business goals.

More information about InSpark, click here.

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Startup, Scale-up, Investor, Corporate, Policymaker, Student, Other