Supercharging innovation within the Food & Flower industry by HortiHeroes
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Thursday, September 24, 2020, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Raffi Balder Lisanne Schuddebeurs Steven Timmers Bram Tijmons

As the platform for innovation, startups and talent development for the Food & Flower industry, we believe that transformation and collaboration will contribute to a happy, heathy and hunger free world. We attract, connect and grow talent with our Academy, Startup and Arena Programme. We combine new insights from young heroes and established companies to accelerate ideas to viable business models and make impact on both the industry and the world. Today we would like to give you a sneak peak on our HortiHeroes activities and the benefits for you as an organisation, startup, young professional or student. At the same time we would like to explore current challenges from your perspectives and connect you to our community.


Reason to join:

Connect with the HortiHeroes community and learn more about our innovation programmes within the Food & Flower Industry for young professionals, students, startups, scale-ups and established companies.


About organization

We are supercharging Innovation within the Food & Flower Industry.
At HortiHeroes we are continuously working to attract, engage with and develop talent. And when we say talent we mean students, start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreurial young professionals with an urge to innovate. HortiHeroes offers three distinct programmes to boost innovation:

  • Academy: corporate training programmes focussed on start-up and innovation skills, such as the intrapreneurship and traineeship programmes for ambitious young professionals.
  • Start-up: start-up platform for connection with the Food & flower industry and the ecosystem of partner accelerators, investors, talent and more.
  • Arena: inspiring activities aimed at collaboration and innovation inside and outside of the industry. This is where the HortiHeroes ecosystem grows and connects to make a global impact.

More information about HortiHeroes, click here.

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Startup, Scale-up, Corporate, Policymaker