Upstream Festival and its partners and co-creation partners are committed to the health and safety of all visitors, participants, organizers and other stakeholders of the festival. This is why Upstream 2020 has been transformed into an almost completely online festival. A limited amount of smaller and carefully curated sessions may partly take place offline. These sessions are organized according to the Dutch Government and RIVM guidelines. Any developments around the Coronavirus and the guidelines are closely monitored and adequate measures (adjustments or cancellation) will be taken if the circumstances so require.


The rules of conduct, contact and hygiene, described in the Upstream COVID-19 Protocol, apply to Upstream 2020 and all hybrid and/or offline events of its co-creation partners. These rules have been drawn up in accordance with the guidelines of the Government of The Netherlands and RIVM. If you have any questions about this, please send an email to


COVID-19 Protocol Upstream 2020

  1. These rules are displayed at the entrance of all offline and/or hybrid events organized by Upstream and/or its co-creation partners in the week of 21-27 September 2020 and are repeated inside.

  2. All rules can be read on with a direct link to them from the homepage.

  3. For everybody the basic rules as expressed by the Government of The Netherlands:

    • Wash your hands as often as possible

    • Cough and sneeze in your elbow

    • Use paper tissues

    • Do not shake hands

    • Keep 1.5 meter distance to others at all times

    • Stay home if you have symptoms of a cold, a runny nose, sneezing, soar throat, coughing, or a body temperature of 38 degrees celsius or more

    • Stay home if you have any persons in your household with cold flu symptoms, a fever of 38 degrees celsius, or troubles of breath

As the developments around the virus and the measures taken can change rapidly, we refer to the RIVM website for the latest rules and measures.

  1. Any offline and hybrid events happening during Upstream 2020 work with a mandatory pre-registration and a closed guestlist, so that the number of attendees can be controlled and monitored at all times.

  2. In order to safeguard the 1,5m distance, Upstream and its co-creation partners provide guests with routing and walking directions, such as at the entrance and the main facilities. In the routing, crossing traffic is prevented as much as possible, this is indicated in the walking routes with a distance of 1.5 meters to each other and where possible one-way traffic.

  3. Upstream and its co-creation partners ensure that everyone can keep a distance of 1.5 meters and that seating areas are set up at 1.5 meters.

  4. Upstream and its co-creation partners control the maximum number of guests that may be at the location at the same time, geared to compliance with the 1.5 meter distance. Based on the 1.5 meter guidelines, we also determine the maximum number of people allowed per room / space. Based on the maximum number of people per space, we make adjustments in the number of tables and chairs and the spread within the space.

  5. Upstream and its co-creation partners ensure maximum hygiene, soap & disinfectants and remind guests of the importance of washing hands. The sanitary facilities are cleaned more often and with additional hygiene measures in accordance with the hygiene guidelines of the RIVM.

  6. Disinfectant hand sanitizer is available before entering a room and / or starting an activity for guests and employees. Before an activity, the materials (especially the hand contact points) are cleaned and disinfected. After the activity, these materials are cleaned again.

  7. All activities are arranged in such a way that the 1.5 meters can be guaranteed for participants.