Full Name
Hans Scheffer
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CEO & Founder
Hans Scheffer
FuckUp Nights by BlueCity
Date & Time
Thursday, September 24, 2020, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Hans Scheffer Sivan Breemhaar Julian Jagtenberg

Where stories of failed businesses are told, questioned, and celebrated: FuckUp Nights is all about learning from other’s mistakes. Brave guests share their fuckups so you don’t have to make them. Coming live to you from the Upstream studio, this special edition of FuckUp Nights is all about scale-ups. 

The stories of the business that crashes and burns, the partnership deal that goes sour, the product that has to be recalled, we have it all. Entrepreneurship goes along with trial and error, so join this edition about scale-ups to hear honest stories about people who’ve been there – and done that. Speakers are usually entrepreneurs, designers, managers or… every now and then we invite a regular person (yes, normal people fuck up too)!



Dymphie Braun and Ewa Scheifes are both experienced program makers, curators and strategists driven by the mission to use creativity as a tool for new ideas and solutions for contemporary issues. Next to that, they have been hosting Fuckup Nights Amsterdam for over 4 years, creating a stage where makers, start-ups, small businesses and leading corporations share their failures and lessons learned. 


About organization:
BlueCity is an international icon of circular economy, a national platform for circular entrepreneurs, and a very visible local accelerator that empowers circular entrepreneurs and inspires citizens. Situated in the former subtropical swimming oasis Tropicana, we saved the building from being demolished and transformed it as circular as possible. Re-using old elements and materials both from within the swimming pool as from other abandoned buildings, turning this pool into a playground for circular entrepreneurs where brains, guts, vision and fun go together. Together we work on an economy in which waste does not exist. We develop different kind of programs, projects, workshops, events and hackathons in which we stimulate collaboration by integrating and connecting domains and disciplines towards a circular, resilient economy. With our platform, we serve as a natural translator between those fields by showing how it can be done. And bring together those who are doing it.

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Startup, Scale-up, Investor, Corporate, Policymaker, Student, Other